Born 1798. Died 1798-03-25 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).
Kerstin Nilsdotter.
Born 1798. Died 1798-03-25 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).
F Nils Gudmundsson.
Born 1763-02-11 in Bodsjö (Z). Bonde Flatnor
FF Gudmund Persson Norman.
Born 1735-07-07. Dragon Hunge, dragon och bonde Flatnor
FFF Per Gudmundsson.
Born 1705-01-06 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z). Died 1798-04-20 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z). Dragon, bonde, nämndeman Flatnor
FFFM Ingrid Persdotter.
Born 1682. Died 1757.
FFM Maret Olsdotter.
Born 1704-12-21 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).
FFMF Olof Ersson.
Born calculated 1661. Bonde Hunge
FFMM Anna Kielsdotter?.
Born calculated 1663.
FM Karin Jonsdotter.
Born 1728. Died 1808.
M Helena Lena Olofsdotter.
Born 1768-08-02.


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