Born 1842-11-07 in Gamleby (H). Died 1920-04-03 in Gamleby, Boda utjord under Löckerum (H).
1920 gift 1866
Emma Charlotta   Pettersdotter 1842-1920
Emma Charlotta Pettersdotter.
Born 1842-11-07 in Gamleby (H). Died 1920-04-03 in Gamleby, Boda utjord under Löckerum (H).
F Peter Magnus Jaensson.
Born 1801-08-18 in Gamleby (H). Died 1870-09-18 in Gamleby, Boda (H).
FF Jaen Johan Jaensson Johansson.
Born 1755-10-18 in Odensvi (H). Died 1825-07-18 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Bonde Löckerum
FFF Johan Andersson.
Born 1721 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H). Died 1800-06-30 in Odensvi, Stora Skalhem (H).
FFFF Anders Johansson.
Born 1688 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H). Died 1737-01-30 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H).
FFFM Ingrid Andersdotter.
Born 1694-10-14 in Odensvi, Bockrödsle (H). Died 1764-08-14 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H).
FFM Kerstin Andersdotter.
Born 1726-10-06 in Dalhem, Olstorp (H). Died 1796-05-11 in Odensvi (H).
FFMF Anders Larsson.
Born 1700.
FFMM Brita Ingersdotter.
Born 1702.
FM Stina Andersdotter.
Born 1771-02-22 in Lofta, Forserum (H). Died 1820-02-14 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H).
FMF Anders Svensson.
Born 1731-09-21 in Lofta (H). Died 1773-12-24 in Lofta (H).
FMFF Sven Persson.
Born 1706-04-30. Died 1746-04-24 in Lofta (H).
FMFM Kerstin Svensdotter.
Born 1703-10-16 in Lofta (H). Died 1775-07-20 in Lofta (H).
FMM Margareta Jonsdotter.
Born 1742-09-28 in Lofta (H). Died 1809-04-09 in Lofta (H).
FMMF Jon Eriksson.
Born 1713-11-06 in Lofta (H). Died 1776-07-16 in Lofta (H).
FMMM Margareta Matsdotter.
Born 1714. Died 1784-10-12 in Lofta (H).
M Stina Lisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1816-11-17 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Died 1901-09-24 in Gamleby, Löckerum, Boda (H).
MF Nils Eriksson.
Born 1775-04-29 in Gamleby, Synestad (H). Died 1850 in Gamleby (H).
MM Stina Jacobsdotter.
Born 1788-12-12 in Hallingeberg (H). Died 1845.


Relationships and children

Married 1866-02-24.

Karl Gustaf Jonsson.
Born 1841-09-07 in Lofta (H). Died 1923-11-26 in Gamleby, Boda utjord under Löckerum (H).

Carolina Charlotta Gustafsdotter.
Born 1866-03-16 in Gamleby (H). Died 1935-09-30.

Carl August Gustafsson.
Born 1868-09-19 in Gamleby (H).

Gustaf Adolf Gustafsson.
Born 1871-03-26 in Gamleby (H). Died 1949-10-04 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H).

Sofia Amalia Gustafsdotter.
Born 1873 in Gamleby (H).

Maria Wilhelmina Gustafsdotter.
Born 1878 in Gamleby (H).

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