Born 1788-12-12 in Hallingeberg (H). Died 1845.
Stina Jacobsdotter.
Born 1788-12-12 in Hallingeberg (H). Died 1845.

Relationships and children

Married 1807.

Nils Eriksson.
Born 1775-04-29 in Gamleby, Synestad (H). Died 1850 in Gamleby (H).

Anna Lisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1808-12-12 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Died 1811-12-10 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H).

Eric Jacob Nilsson.
Born 1810-09-16 in Gamleby (H).

Nils Peter Nilsson.
Born 1813-11-17 in Gamleby (H).

Stina Lisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1816-11-17 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Died 1901-09-24 in Gamleby, Löckerum, Boda (H).

Jan Fredrik Nilsson.
Born 1820-04-03 in Gamleby (H). Died 1905-08-05 in Gärdserum, Fattigstugan (H).

Anders Gustaf Nilsson.
Born 1824-11-17 in Gamleby (H).

Carl Otto Nilsson.
Born 1828-09-02 in Gamleby, Boda (H).

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