Born 1726-10-06 in Dalhem, Olstorp (H). Died 1796-05-11 in Odensvi (H).
Kerstin Andersdotter fifth great grandmother Birth: 10/6/1726 - Dalhem, Västervik, Kalmar County, Sweden Death: 5/11/1796 - Odensvi, Västervik, Kalmar County, Sweden Parents : Anders Larsson and Brita Ingesdotter Spouse : Johan Andersson Children : Anders Andersson; Anders Andersson; Carharina Andersdotter; Johan "Jaen" Johansson; Maja Andersdotter; Marja Andersson; Samuel Johansson and Sven Andersson Siblings : Anders Andersson; Anna Andersdotter; Elisabet Andersdotter; Johan Andersson; Karin Andersdotter; Lars Andersson and Nils Andersson /Justin Swanstrom
Kerstin Andersdotter.
Born 1726-10-06 in Dalhem, Olstorp (H). Died 1796-05-11 in Odensvi (H).
F Anders Larsson.
Born 1700.
M Brita Ingersdotter.
Born 1702.

Relationships and children

Married 1749-10-29 in Dalhem (H).

Johan Andersson.
Born 1721 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H).

Jaen Johan Jaensson Johansson.
Born 1755-10-18 in Odensvi (H).

Samuel Johansson.
Born 1759-04-16 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H).

Maja Johansdotter.
Born 1761-11-08 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H).

Anders Johansson.
Born 1765-05-08 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H).

Sven Johansson.
Born 1769-04-07 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H).

Catharina Johansdotter.
Born 1770-09-10 in Odensvi, Hysinge (H).

Per Petter Johansson.
Born 1776 in Löt (E).

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