Born 1846-06-28 in Hycklinge, Kila (E). Died 1873-03-02 in Hycklinge (E).
Albertina Charlotta Jonsdotter.
Born 1846-06-28 in Hycklinge, Kila (E). Died 1873-03-02 in Hycklinge (E).
F Jonas Olofsson.
Born 1807-05-02 in Hycklinge, Kila (E). Died 1886-01-13 in Hycklinge, Kila (E). Hemmansägare
M Greta Helena Wistedt.
Born 1816-11-24 in Blackstad (H). Died 1898-09-10.
MF Anders Henriksson Wistedt.
Born 1774-03-11 in Södra Vi (H). Died 1844-04-20 in Kleva Blackstad (H). Frälsebefallningsman
MM Lovisa Charlotta Wistedt.
Born 1796-04-12 in Blackstad, Kleva (H). Died 1868 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).
MMF Samuel Wistedt.
Born 1753-03-23 in Odensvi, Marieholm (H). Died 1835 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).
MMFF Magnus Wistedt.
Born 1716-11-01 in Odensvi Snärsfall (H). Died 1791-05-05 in Blackstad Kleva (H). Trädgårdsmästare Odensviholm
MMFM Agneta Rising.
Born 1723-02-15 in Gamleby Åby (H). Died 1798-09-12 in Blackstad Kleva (H).
MMM Anna Persdotter.
Born 1756 in Blackstad, Rössberg (H). Died 1837-05-19 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).
MMMF Per Eriksson.
Born 1719 in Hultserum Blackstad (H). Died 1789-11-05 in Skärstad Södra Vi (H).
MMMM Carin (Cajsa) Svensdotter.
Born 1723 in Kleva Blackstad (H). Died 1783 in Skärstad Södra Vi (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1867-06-08.

Nils Gustaf Svensson.
Born 1836 in Horn (E).

Anna Lovisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1867-09-12 in Hycklinge (E). Died 1952-06-09 in Kvillinge, Klingstorp (E).

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