Born 1796-04-12 in Blackstad, Kleva (H). Died 1868 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).
Lovisa Charlotta Wistedt.
Born 1796-04-12 in Blackstad, Kleva (H). Died 1868 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).
F Samuel Wistedt.
Born 1753-03-23 in Odensvi, Marieholm (H). Died 1835 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).
FF Magnus Wistedt.
Born 1716-11-01 in Odensvi Snärsfall (H). Died 1791-05-05 in Blackstad Kleva (H). Trädgårdsmästare Odensviholm
FFF Måns Persson.
Born 1647-11-14 in Odensvi Ringsfall (H). Died 1716-01-22 in Odensvi Snärsfall (H).
FFM Carin Josephsdotter.
Born 1679. Died 1757-11-06 in Odensvi Marieholm (H).
FM Agneta Rising.
Born 1723-02-15 in Gamleby Åby (H). Died 1798-09-12 in Blackstad Kleva (H).
FMF Johan Gustaf Rising.
Born 1691-12-04 in Hallingeberg Prästgården (H). Died 1764-09-17 in Hallingeberg Risingsberg (H). Arrendator, korpral, kronolänsman
FMFF Samuel Amundi Rising.
Born 1639 in Risinge, Prästgården (E). Died 1722-10-03 in Hallingeberg Säby (H). Kyrkoherde i Hallingeberg
FMFM Agneta Gyllenbreider.
Born 1669-09-30 in Hallingeberg Rispetorp (H). Buried 1698-03-30 in Hallingeberg Rispetorp (H).
FMM Christina Nilsdotter Biörch.
Born 1700-04-05 in Gamleby, Gamblebyn (H). Died 1766-10-26 in Hallingeberg Risingsberg (H).
FMMF Nils Andersson Biörch.
Born 1666. Died 1705-01-26 in Gamleby, Åby (H). Befallningsman, krögare
FMMM Catharina Jonsdotter Åman.
Born calculated 1671. Died 1752-11-23 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).
M Anna Persdotter.
Born 1756 in Blackstad, Rössberg (H). Died 1837-05-19 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).
MF Per Eriksson.
Born 1719 in Hultserum Blackstad (H). Died 1789-11-05 in Skärstad Södra Vi (H).
MFF Erik Larsson.
Born 1689 in Källsberg Blackstad (H). Died 1739 in Rössberg Blackstad (H).
MFFF Lars Nilsson.
Born 1653. Died 1740.
MFFM Elin Eriksdotter.
Died 1722.
MFM Kerstin Nilsdotter.
Born 1686 in Hultserum Blackstad (H). Died 1739 in Rössberg Blackstad (H).
MFMF Nils Jonsson.
Died 1711.
MFMM Elin Månsdotter.
Died 1722.
MM Carin (Cajsa) Svensdotter.
Born 1723 in Kleva Blackstad (H). Died 1783 in Skärstad Södra Vi (H).
MMF Sven Bengtsson.
Died 1744-12-02 in Kleva Blackstad (H).
MMM Sigrid Jönsdotter.
Born 1696 in Grönhult Blackstad (H).
MMMF Jöns Jonsson.
Born 1666 in Grönhult Blackstad (H). Died 1739 in Östankärr Locknevi (H).
MMMM Anna Zachrisdotter.
Born 1671 in Grönhult Blackstad (H). Died 1739 in Östankärr Locknevi (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1811-05-21.

Anders Henriksson Wistedt.
Born 1774-03-11 in Södra Vi (H). Died 1844-04-20 in Kleva Blackstad (H).

Anna Maria Wistedt.
Born 1812-04-09 in Locknevi (H). Died 1896-08-14 in Blackstad, Kleva (H).

Greta Helena Wistedt.
Born 1816-11-24 in Blackstad (H). Died 1898-09-10.

Samuel Gustaf Wistedt.
Born 1820-11-12 in Blackstad (H).

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