Born 1675. Died 1752 in Blackstad Kleva (H).
Catharina Jonsdotter Åman.
Born 1675. Died 1752 in Blackstad Kleva (H).

Relationships and children


Nils Andersson Biörch.
Born 1666. Died 1705 in Gamleby Åby (H).

Andreas Nilsson Biörch.
Born 1697 in Gamleby Gamleby (H).

Christina Nilsdotter Biörch.
Born 1700-04-05 in Gamleby Gamleby (H). Died 1766-10-26 in Hallingeberg Risingsberg (H).

Catharina Nilsdotter Biörch.
Born 1700 in Gamleby Gamleby (H).

Johan Nilsson Biörch.
Born 1702 in Gamleby Gamleby (H).


Tore (Thol) Bengtsson.
Died 1720 in Gamlagården Gamleby (H).

Bengt Lind.
Born 1707 in Gamlagården Gamleby (H).

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