Born 1968-01-17 in Valbo (X).
Pär-Olov Helge Persson.
Born 1968-01-17 in Valbo (X).
F Karl Helge Persson.
Born 1931-08-06 in Valbo (X). Died 1999-03-20 in Valbo (X).
FF Karl August Persson.
Born 1898-03-08 in Hedesunda (X). Died 1961-03-16.
FM Anna Elisabet Hellman.
Born 1902-11-28 in Hedesunda (X). Died 1994-02-11 in Valbo (X).
FMF Johan Edvard Hellman.
Born 1862-12-27 in Ringarum, Sörby (E). Died 1922-02-11 in Valbo, Laggarbo (X). Arbetare, arbetsförman
FMFF Nils Johan Hellman.
Born 1822-01-05 in Mogata (E). Died 1876. Skräddare
FMFM Christina Catharina Olofsdotter.
Born 1828-04-05 in Ringarum (E). Died 1909-03-23 in Ringarum, Fattigstugan (E).
FMM Stina Andersdotter.
Born 1866-09-20 in Hedesunda (X). Died 1939-12-24 in Gävle (X).
FMMF Anders Olsson.
Born 1832-04-24 in Hedesunda (X). Died 1910. Arbetskarl, arrendator
FMMM Kristina, Stina Ersdotter.
Born 1842-04-22 in Hedesunda, Sevalbo (X). Died 1920-01-27 in Valbo, Laggarbo (X).
M Solbritt Ingeborg Persson.
Born 1940-03-30 in Gävle H T (X).

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