Born 1909-04-12 in Osby (L). Died 1990-09-12 in Osby (L).
Jenny Axelina Bendz.
Born 1909-04-12 in Osby (L). Died 1990-09-12 in Osby (L).
Johan   Jonsson Bendz 1873-1923
F Johan Jonsson Bendz.
Born 1873-11-10 in Osby (L). Died 1923-02-23 in Osby, Abrolla (L).
FF Johan Andersson.
Born 1850 in Loshult (L).
FM Bengta Månsdotter.
Born 1840 in Loshult (L).
Klara Pernilla   Johansson 1880-1954
M Klara Pernilla Johansson.
Born 1880-06-11 in Hallaryd, Hårhult (G). Died 1954-10-26 in Osby (L).
John   Pehrsson 1850-1925
MF John Pehrsson.
Born 1850-07-31 in Osby, Västra Hyltan (L). Died 1925-09-15 in Osby, Mörkhult (L). Hemmansägare Mörkhult
MFF Pehr Johnsson.
Born 1806-09-21 in Osby (L).
MFM Bengta Nilsdotter.
Born 1815-08-03 in Osby, Svanshals (L).
MFMF Nils Trulsson.
Born 1790-02-11 in Glimåkra (L).
MFMM Elna Månsdotter.
Born 1792-10-29 in Osby, Olastorp (L).
Albertina   Johansdotter 1856-1945
MM Albertina Johansdotter.
Born 1856-01-04 in Osby, Slähult (L). Died 1945-01-15 in Osby, Mörkhult (L).
MMF Per Andersson.
Born 1821-05-05 in Osby, Ö Svenstorp (L).
MMM Inger Tufvesdotter.
Born 1833-01-10 in Osby, Slähult (L). Died 1914-12-03 in Osby, Ekeröd (L). Piga
MMMF Tufve Pehrsson.
Born 1794-06-21 in Osby (L). Died 1854-02-02 in Osby, Slähult (L). Torpare Böljetorp (Sjöhagen)
MMMM Sissa Svensdotter.
Born 1802-01-13 in Osby, Holma (L).

Relationships and children

Married 1930-07-19.

Johan Richard Gustavsson.
Born 1900-05-17 in Osby (L). Died 1977-09-23.

Karl Gösta Gustavsson.
Born 1930-11-23 in Osby (L).

Rut Ulla-Britt Gustavsson.
Born 1932-03-10 in Osby (L).

Sivi Inga-Britt Gustavsson.
Born 1933-09-13 in Osby (L).

Siv Britt-Mari Gustavsson.
Born 1935-07-03 in Osby (L).

John Henry Ingvar Gustavsson.
Born 1937-05-04 in Osby (L).

Alf Gerhard Gustavsson.
Born 1939-09-03 in Osby (L).

Kjell Hasse Gustavsson.
Born 1942-07-15 in Hässleholm (L).

Sten Inge Richard Gustavsson.
Born 1952-06-05 in Osby (L).

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