Born 1873-11-10 in Osby (L). Died 1923-02-23 in Osby, Abrolla (L).
1890 dräng, Ekeröd i Osby
1910 gift åbo Abrolla i Osby
1923 gift 1905
Johan   Jonsson Bendz 1873-1923
Johan Jonsson Bendz.
Born 1873-11-10 in Osby (L). Died 1923-02-23 in Osby, Abrolla (L).
F Johan Andersson.
Born 1850 in Loshult (L).
M Bengta Månsdotter.
Born 1840 in Loshult (L).


Relationships and children

Married 1905-03-22.

Klara Pernilla Johansson.
Born 1880-06-11 in Hallaryd, Hårhult (G). Died 1954-10-26 in Osby (L).

Anna Linnéa Bendz.
Born 1905-09-28 in Osby, Abrolla (L). Died 2006-06-05 in Vinslöv, Åraslöv (L).

Betty Cecilia Bendz.
Born 1907-12-03 in Osby (L). Died 1999-06-16 in Hässleholm (L).

Jenny Axelina Bendz.
Born 1909-04-12 in Osby (L). Died 1990-09-12 in Osby (L).

Johan Bernhard Bendz.
Born 1910-08-02 in Osby (L).

Erik Valfrid Bendz.
Born 1916-10-12 in Osby, Åbrolla (L). Died 2010-08-06 in Osby-Visseltofta (L).

Ester Albertina Bendz.
Born 1918-04-06 in Osby, Åbrolla (L). Died 2004-05-22 in Osby (L).

Signe Kristina Bendz.
Born 1919-08-23 in Osby, Åbrolla (L). Died 1999-04-28 in Östra Broby (L).

Nils Elving Bendz.
Born 1921-05-17 in Osby, Åbrolla (L). Died 1998-03-19.

Sven Isidor Bendz.
Born 1925-08-06 in Osby, Åbrolla (L). Died 2008-04-21 in Limhamn (L).

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