Born 1975-01-15 in Österhaninge (AB).
Micha André Christian de Pourbaix.
Born 1975-01-15 in Österhaninge (AB).
F Tomas Sven-Erik Fransson.
Born 1947-11-01 in Västervik (H).
FF Sven Erik Fransson.
Born 1919-12-24 in Västervik (H). Died 1989-06-20 in Västervik (H).
FFF David Emanuel Emil Fransson.
Born 1892-07-20 in Hjorted (H). Died 1971-12-18 in Västervik (H). Arbetare
FFFM Alma Charlotta Andersdotter.
Born 1872-06-25 in Hjorted Rumhult (H). Died 1939-06-13 in Västervik (H).
FFM Anna Linnéa Anderssoin.
Born 1895-03-29 in Västra Ed (H). Died 1975-07-11 in Västervik (H).
FM Rut Ingegärd Fransson.
Born 1917-04-06 in Västervik (H). Died 1979-06-01.
M Marietta Anna Therese de Pourbaix.
Born 1951-08-15 in Landskrona (M).

Relationships and children


Sara Maria Andersson.
Born 1978-02-12.

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