Born 1952-08-25 in Gladhammar (H).
Jeanette Inga Linnéa Haag.
Born 1952-08-25 in Gladhammar (H).
F Sven Ture Haag.
Born 1924-12-19 in Västervik (H). Died 1987-11-07.
FF Ture Haag.
Born 1901-07-21 in Gladhammar (H). Died 1981-01-20 in Gladhammar (H). Arbetare
FM Astrid Teresia Liljeberg.
Born 1897-08-07 in Hjorted (H). Died 1994-08-31 in Gladhammar (H).
FMF Karl Gustaf Liljeberg.
Born 1866-09-15 in Hjorted (H). Died 1938-09-15 in Gladhammar, Gunnebo (H). Jordbruksarbetare
FMM Ida Kristina Andersdotter.
Born 1867-05-14 in Hjorted Rumhult (H). Died 1948-09-21 in Gladhammar, Gunnebobruk (H).
FMMF Anders Peter Jaensson Jansson.
Born 1829-11-03 in Locknevi, Ytterbo (H). Died 1916-12-10 in Hjorted, Rumhult (H). Statdräng
FMMM Anna Lovisa Månsdotter.
Born 1829-09-13 in Hjorted Bolhult Liden (H). Died 1905-03-02 in Hjorted, Rumhult (H).
M Siri Ingrid Linnéa Haag.
Born 1931-07-02 in Gladhammar (H).

Relationships and children


Thomas Börje Alminger.
Born 1950-10-19 in Mölndal (O).

Tomas Mikael Alminger.
Born 1970-10-19 in Lindome (O).

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