Born 1849 in Lit, Nyby (Z).
Karin Andersdotter.
Born 1849 in Lit, Nyby (Z).
F Anders Andersson.
Born 1819-09-16 in Sollerön (W).
FF Anders Mårtensson Hellsing.
Born 1787-10-05 in Sollerön, Rothagen (W). Died 1834-03-10 in Lit, Nyby (Z). soldat in Sollerön, Kopparbergs län. nybyggare in Nyby, Lit, Jämtlands län.
FFF Mårten Nilsson.
Born 1749. Died 1796-12-15 in Sollerön, Rothagen (W). Skräddare
FFFM Anna Mårtensdotter.
Born 1721.
FFM Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1758-12-22.
FM Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1793-12-05 in Sollerön, Utanmyra (W). Died 1883-09-20 in Lit, Nyby (Z). piga förmånstagare.
FMF Anders Olsson.
Born 1756. Died 1822-04-17 in Sollerön, Utanmyra (W).
FMM Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1768. Died 1820-05-22 in Sollerön, Utanmyra (W).
M Ingeborg Persdotter.
Born 1819-12-23 in Sollerön, Bengtsarvet (W).

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