Born 1948-05-24 in Hjorted (H).
1980 gift Mönsterås, Forsa med 1 son
Ove Bertil Johansson.
Born 1948-05-24 in Hjorted (H).
F Karl Bertil Johansson.
Born 1920-12-21 in Västrum (H). Fabriksarbetare, kioskägare
M Karin Teresia Andersson.
Born 1924-01-28 in Hjorted, Katrineberg (H). Died 2012-02-14 in Oskarshamn (H).
MF Arvid Emanuel Andersson.
Born 1893-05-21 in Hjorted (H). Died 1935-11-02 in Hjorted, Rumhult (H). Torpare, jordbruksarbetare
Anders Edvard   Andersson 1863-1933
MFF Anders Edvard Andersson.
Born 1863-05-02 in Hjorted Rumhult (H). Died 1933-02-25 in Hjorted, Rumhult, Katrineberg (H). Torpare
MFFF Anders Peter Jaensson Jansson.
Born 1829-11-03 in Locknevi, Ytterbo (H). Died 1916-12-10 in Hjorted, Rumhult (H). Statdräng
MFFM Anna Lovisa Månsdotter.
Born 1829-09-13 in Hjorted Bolhult Liden (H). Died 1905-03-02 in Hjorted, Rumhult (H).
MFM Hulda Kristina Vilhelmina Petersdotter.
Born 1865-03-09 in Hjorted. Died 1953-07-05 in Hjorted, Nynäs (H).
MM Alma Teresia Pettersson.
Born 1896-04-29 in Gladhammar (H). Died 1990-08-28 in Hjorted (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1977-10-02.

Gunnel Anita Johansson.
Born 1954-12-31 in Mönsterås (H).

Karl Henrik Johansson.
Born 1978-04-18 in Oskarshamn (H).

Karl Jonas Johansson.
Born 1982-01-25 in Mönsterås (H).

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