Born 1782. Died 1784.
Lisa Andersdotter.
Born 1782. Died 1784.
F Anders Giliusson Riddarström.
Born 1748-02-04 in Skinnskatteberg, Ö Skärsjön (U). Died 1806-02-12 in Skinnskatteberg, Ö Skärsjön (U). Smältare
FF Andersson Riddarström.
Born 1715. Died 1800.
FM Maria Eriksdotter.
Born 1717. Died 1764.
M Lisa Kajsa Johansdotter.
Born 1746-10-15 in Skinnskatteberg, Haraldsjön (D). Died 1786-12-05 in Skinnskatteberg, Övre Skärsjön (D).

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