Born 1745 in Hedåsen. Died.
Karin Håkansdotter.
Born 1745 in Hedåsen. Died.
F Håkan Håkansson.
Born 1723. Died 1793 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
M Marit Gustafsdotter.
Born 1721 in Arnstorp (S). Died 1799 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
MM Annika Danielsdotter.
Born 1695 in Sunne Lövåsen (S).
MMF Daniel Olofsson.
Born 1660 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).
MMFF Olof Påhlsson.
Born about 1621. Died 1710.

Relationships and children


Kerstin Larsdotter.
Born 1769 in Hedåsen. Died.

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