Dragon Skurun Född 1713-10-12 i Bodsjö, Skurun (Z). Död 1768.
1770 ca gift dragon Skurru med sonen Nils
Per Nilsson Nordstrand.
Född 1713-10-12 i Bodsjö, Skurun (Z). Död 1768. Dragon Skurun
F Nils Andersson.
Född 1670-07-24 i Bodsjö, Skurun (Z). Död 1733-02-10 i Bodsjö, Skurun (Z).
M Brita Larsdotter.
Född 1685-04-08.

Relationer och barn

Gift 1751-11-24 i Bodsjö (Z).

Märet Hermansdotter.
Född 1728-02-25 i Revsund, Björnön (Z). Död 1803-08-16 i Bodsjö, Skurun (Z).
1775 ca änka Skurun med 3 söner
1780 ca änka Skurun med 3 söner hos gifte dragonen, bonden Olof Håkansson f1734
1782 ca bondeänka Skurun medf sönerna Nils, Herman och Pehr
1787 ca änka hos sonen Herman i Skurun
1793 ca änka hos sonen Herman i Skurun med sonen Nils
1794 änka hos sonen Herman med sonen Pehr Swan

Nils Persson.
Född 1753-10-03.
1805 HFB anges "Döfving"

Herman Persson Nordstrand.
Född 1757-04-26.
1782 ca dragon
1787 ca gift Vice Corp Dragon Skurun med modern inhyses
1793 ca gift vice corporal och Dragon och bonde Skurun
1794 Corporal och Bonde i Skurun med sonen Olof och Gamla Mor Enk Märeta
1805-1814 gift Bond. Corpor.Skurun

Per Persson Svan.
Född 1765 i Bodsjö, Skurun (Z).
1765 saknas i FB Bodsjö och Revsund
1787 ca dräng hos brodern i Skurun
1794 dragon hos brodern Herman i Skurun
1800 Matviksnäset enligt HFB Bodsjö 1757-1804 s153
1802 gift avskedad dragon inflyttad till Prästbordet Bodsjö
1805 Afsked. Drag. Matviksnäset
1805-1814 gift Afsked. Drag. Skurun

Swan Persson, Per. Born 1765 in Skurum, Bodsjö Jämtland. Death 1836-08-24 In Skurum, Bodsjö Jämtland. The birth record of Per is not found, but his parents live in Skurum in Bodsjö during the time Per is born. Per is a Cavalryman in 1786 in Ammer. Per was in the War against Russia 1788-90. Jämtlands regiment marched for five weeks in June 1788 in burning heat to Stockholm. The regiment got patrol-duty in Stockholm, and information says that the unfamiliarity with a big city made the soldiers from Jämtland confused on the streets of Stockholm, but they were not as foolish as it seemed. The regiment’s clothing was furthermore the worst in all the army. In October 1788 half the regiment is ordered to march to Bohuslän, (I’m not sure if Per is among them who marched to Bohuslän) they stayed in Marstrand and Varberg, where many became sick. They returned in the summer of 1789 to Stockholm. In July 1789 one battalion of 400 men were shipped to Finland where part of them were involved in the combat. At Christmas 1790 the Regiment consisted of half as many that it original had. The regiment was then sent homeward to Jämtland and in 1799 Per marries Ingial and in 1804 he departs as Cavalryman and becomes a farmer. He moves there to Matviksnäset, after five years he moves to Skurum. In Per’s old age he went around the region for food, on one such a journey Per drowned in Revsund between Rind and Backen in August 1836. On Pers Death Certificate, it is stated that he has 2 authentic children and least two by false bed. He have lived evenhandedly and vigorous with diligence to work.


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