Born 1810-12-05 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H).
Carl Otto .
Born 1810-12-05 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H).
M Kajsa Greta Larsdotter.
Born 1787 in Dalhem (H).
MF Lars Andersson.
Born 1760-05-16 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Died 1830-09-07 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H).
MFF Anders Larsson.
Born calculated 1729. Bonde Löckerum
MFM Karin Katarina Olofsdotter.
Born 1733.
MFMF Olof Ingesson.
Born 1687. Bonde Lyckerum
MFMM Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1705.
MM Anna Nilsdotter.
Born 1766-03-20 in Odensvi (H).

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