Born 1759-10-02 in Hed.
Maria Maja Andersdotter.
Born 1759-10-02 in Hed.

Relationships and children


Jan Persson.
Born 1759-06-01 in Godegård (E). Died 1825 in Lerbäck, Ingelsby (T).

Maja Jansdotter.
Born 1793-10-27 in Godegård (E).

Anna Stina Jansdotter.
Born 1796-09-26 in Godegård, Jakobshyttan (E). 1 Died 1861-05-08 in Lerbäck Björnhaga (T).


  1. Se Godegård C:3 s563, 26/9 föds Anna Stina

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