Born 1857-05-29 in Gamleby (H). Died 1904-03-31 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H). 1881 tar över hemmanet efter fadern
1904 gift 1881 9/11
Carl Victor Carlsson.
Born 1857-05-29 in Gamleby (H). Died 1904-03-31 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H).
F Carl Gustaf Andersson.
Born 1820-12-13 in Gamleby, Rumma (H). Died 1892-12-07 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H).
FF Anders Petter Jonsson.
Born 1777-08-13 in Gamleby, Stämmerum (H). Died 1839-10-18 in Gamleby, Rumma (H). Bonde Rumma
FFF Jonas Andersson.
Born 1751 in Gamleby (H). Bonde Stämmerum
FFM Brita Andersdotter.
Born 1756 in Gamleby (H).
FM Anna Christina Stina Persdotter.
Born 1785-07-10 in Hallingeberg (H). Died 1830-01-07 in Gamleby, Rumma (H).
FMF Peter Andersson.
Born calculated 1763 in Törnsfall C:3 s319. Died 1796-04-10 in Törnsfall, Gagersrum (H). Bonde Gagersrum
FMM Lisa Persdotter.
Born 1765-09-20 in Hallingeberg (H).
M Anna Sofia Nilsdotter.
Born 1835-05-27 in Gamleby (H). Died 1873-11-25 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1881-11-09.

Maria Sofia Nilsdotter.
Born 1862-03-06 in Odensvi (H).

Gustaf Viktor Karlsson.
Born 1882-12-23 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H). Died 1957-01-13 in Gamleby, Skramstad 4:2, Gärdevi (H).

Carl Johan Fredrik Karlsson.
Born 1885-07-21 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H). Died 1891-12-07 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H).

Hildur Marta Maria Karlsdotter.
Born 1887-07-26 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H).

Anna Christina Sofia Karlsdotter.
Born 1890-06-03 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H).

Emma Viktoria Karlsdotter.
Born 1893-04-15 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H).

Karl Ivar Karlsson.
Born 1896-02-23 in Gamleby, Heda 2 (H).

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