Born about 1632 in Osby (L). Died 1710-04-19.
Nilla Andersdotter.
Born about 1632 in Osby (L). Died 1710-04-19.
F Anders Glab.
Born about 1606 in Osby (L). Died 1667-10-?? in Osby, Losholt (L).
M Kierstina Bengtsdotter.
Born about 1610 in Osby (L).
MF Bengt Svensson.
Born 1560 in Osby (L). Died 1642 in Osby (L).
MM Else Jonsdotter.
Born about 1562 in Osby, Marklunda (L). Died 1652-04-19 in Osby, Mossaröd (L).
MMF Joen Svarte.
Born 1536 in Osby, Marklunda (L). Died 1620 in Osby (L).
MMM Bolle Bodelsdotter.
Born 1540 in Osby, Marklunda (L).
MMMF Bodell Parsson.
Born 1520 in Osby (L).

Relationships and children

Married about 1664.

Truls Parsson.
Born about 1620 in Loshult (L).

Karina Trulsdotter.
Born 1665-01-?? in Loshult, S Hulta (H). Died 1710-03-27 in Loshult, Gnubbarp (L).

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