Born 1806 in Augerum (K). 1841 från Rödeby till Fjersjömåla i Augerum
Anders Johansson.
Born 1806 in Augerum (K).

Relationships and children


Gertrud Andersdotter.
Born 1800 in Rödeby (K).

Agda Andersdotter.
Born 1832 in Rödeby (K).

Andreas Andersson.
Born 1835 in Rödeby (K).

Johannes Andersson.
Born 1838 in Rödeby (K).

Ingrid Maria Andersdotter.
Born 1840 in Rödeby (K).

Gustaf Andersson.
Born 1843-04-21 in Augerum (K).

Enoch Andersson.
Died 1887-08-28 in Njurunda (Y). Born 1846-01-07 in Augerum, Fjersjömåla (K).

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