Born 1812-03-14 in Gärdserum (H).
Anna Persdotter.
Born 1812-03-14 in Gärdserum (H).

Relationships and children


Christina Andersdotter.
Born 1836-07-16 in Tryserum (H).

Married 1843-12-31.

Anders Fredrik Svensson.
Born 1813-03-12 in Ukna, Hyllela (H). Died 1849-05-12 in Tryserum, Arntorpet (H).

Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1844-05-19 in Tryserum, Kullen (H). Died 1847-10-17 in Tryserum, Kullen (H).

Lotta Andersdotter.
Born 1846-10-15 in Tryserum, Kullen (H). Died 1847-10-09 in Tryserum, Kullen (H).

Sara Lena Andersdotter.
Born 1848-10-16 in Tryserum, Arntorpet (H). Died 1849-03-01 in Tryserum, Arntorpet (H).

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