Born 1929-06-08 in Ylitornio. Died 2007-09-21 in Kalix.
Alli Helena Huhta Ek.
Born 1929-06-08 in Ylitornio. Died 2007-09-21 in Kalix.
Juho Aapo Juhonpoika   Huhta 1889-1969
F Juho Aapo Juhonpoika Huhta.
Born 1889-07-15 in Ylitorneå. Died 1969-02-18 in Ylitornio, Saunavaara.
FF Juho Anna Gretanpoika Huhta.
Born 1851-06-12 in Finland, Ylitornio, Närkki. Died 1891-03-23 in Finland, Ylitornio, Närkki.
FFM Anna Greta Olofsdotter Huhta.
Born 1827 in Ylitorneo, Närkki . Died 1852-12-05 in Ylitorneo, Närkki .
FM Brita Maria Pekantytär Luttu.
Born 1855-01-03 in Finland, Ylitornio, Portimojärvi. Died 1894-06-28.
Maria Vilhelmina Hilmantytär   Raappana 1897-1982
M Maria Vilhelmina Hilmantytär Raappana.
Born 1897-03-22 in Portimojärvi. Died 1982-04-18 in Ylitornio, Saunavaara.
MF Kalle Juho Heikinpoika Raappana.
Born 1870-06-15 in Finland, Suomussalmi.
Hilma Kristina Pekantytär   Vaaraniemi 1872-
MM Hilma Kristina Pekantytär Vaaraniemi.
Born 1872-04-13 in Finland, Näärki.

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