Born 1927-08-21 in Älvdalen (W). 1975 städerska
Died 2010-03-15 in Hille (X).
Knif Astrid Viola Andersson.
Born 1927-08-21 in Älvdalen (W). Died 2010-03-15 in Hille (X).

Relationships and children

Married 1948-05-15.

Johan Harry Larsson.
Born 1919-10-07 in Valbo (X). Died 2011-05-09 in Hille (X).

Yvonne Birgitta Larsson.
Born 1950-06-12 in Gävle H T (X).

Lars Roger Larsson.
Born 1951-12-29 in Gävle H T (X).

John-David Albin Larsson.
Born 1956-08-31 in Gävle H T (X).

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