Born 1829-01-13. Died 1866-07-18. 1854-1863 gift torpare Goreselet i Junsele
Josef Josefsson Hamberg.
Born 1829-01-13. Died 1866-07-18.

Relationships and children


Stina Erika Alexandersdotter.
Born 1824-11-18 in Junsele (Y).

Greta Erika Hamberg.
Born 1854-07-30 in Junsele (Y).

Petrus Hamberg.
Born 1856-07-16 in Junsele (Y).

Joseph Hamberg.
Born 1858-04-07 in Junsele (Y).

Jacob Hamberg.
Born 1860-05-15 in Junsele (Y). Died 1866-06-23 in Junsele, Vallen (Y).

Eva Kajsa Hamberg.
Born 1862-09-13 in Junsele, Goreleselet (Y). Died 1938-03-21 in Junsele, Krånge (Y).

Johannes Hamberg.
Born 1865-01-10 in Junsele (Y). Died 1868-07-28 in Junsele, Vallen (Y).

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