Born 1810-12-26 in Hedesunda (X).
Stina Nilsdotter.
Born 1810-12-26 in Hedesunda (X).

Relationships and children


Erik Olsson.
Born 1807-03-11.

Anna Ersdotter.
Born 1840-06-09 in Hedesunda (X).

Kristina, Stina Ersdotter.
Born 1842-04-22 in Hedesunda, Sevalbo (X). 1 Died 1920-01-27 in Valbo, Laggarbo (X).

Olof Ersson.
Born 1844-05-12 in Hedesunda, Sevalbo (X).

Erik Ersson.
Born 1849-09-25 in Hedesunda, Sevalbo (X).

Anders Ersson.
Born 1853-04-07 in Hedesunda, Sevalbo (X).


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