Born 1880-11-10 in Gärdserum, Carlstorp (H).
Emma Josefina Karlsson.
Born 1880-11-10 in Gärdserum, Carlstorp (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1910-12-23.

Algot Valfrid Lindström.
Born 1886-08-17 in Gärdserum, Carlstorp (H).

Märta Gustava Linnéa Lindström.
Born 1907-11-05 in Gärdserum (H).

Alva Maria Elisabet Lindström.
Born 1911-12-14 in Ukna (H).

Erik Gustaf Valfrid Lindström.
Born 1914-05-18 in Ukna (H).

Karl Johan Algot Lindström.
Born 1916-04-08 in Gärdserum (H).

Nancy Anna-Lisa Lindström.
Born 1920-03-09 in Ukna (H). Died 1927-02-24 in Ukna, Fintorp (H).

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