Born 1802-11-08 in Törnsfall (H). Died 1874-11-15.
Lena Månsdotter.
Born 1802-11-08 in Törnsfall (H). Died 1874-11-15.

Relationships and children

Married 1826-04-02 in Gladhammar (H).

Nils Eriksson.
Born 1803-12-17 in Gladhammar, Böljerum (H). Died 1894-02-03 in Gladhammar, Torsfall (H).

Anna Lisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1827-02-11 in Gladhammar (H). Died 1852-03-03 in Hjorted, Falsterbo, Björkhult 2(H).

Johan Magnus Nilsson.
Born 1829-01-29 in Gladhammar (H).

Anders Petter Nilsson.
Born 1830-10-02 in Gladhammar (H).

Nils Fredrik Nilsson.
Born 1833-06-22 in Gladhammar, Torsfall (H). Died 1909-09-09 in Gladhammar, Fattighuset (H).

Lena Sofia Nilsdotter.
Born 1835-12-07 in Gladhammar, Torsfall (H). Died 1920-02-27 in Gladhammar, Ålderdomshemmet (H).

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