Born 1922-08-02 in Hammerdal (Z).
Karin Ingeborg Persson.
Born 1922-08-02 in Hammerdal (Z).

Relationships and children

Married 1957-02-09.

John Agerberg.
Born 1920-09-22 in Marby (Z).

Bengt Gunno Persson.
Born 1945-09-11 in Hammerdal (Z).

Karin Anette Agerberg.
Born 1952-08-31 in Marby (Z).

Kerstin Birgitta Agerberg.
Born 1954-08-25 in Marby (Z).

Astrid Kristina Agerberg.
Born 1956-09-28 in Marby (Z).

Barbro Elisabet Agerberg.
Born 1958-12-23 in Marby (Z).

Lars Roger Agerberg.
Born 1962-08-11 in Marby (Z).

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