Born 1820-05-10 in Döderhult (H).
Stina Kajsa Persdotter.
Born 1820-05-10 in Döderhult (H).

Relationships and children


Anders Peter Jaensson.
Born 1820-01-25 in Hjorted (H).

Emma Kristina Andersdotter.
Born 1845-03-04 in Döderhult, Emmekalv (H). Died 1861-05-17 in Döderhult, Manketorp (H).

Tilda Maria Andersdotter.
Born 1847-10-28 in Döderhult, Emmekalv (H).

Per Johan Andersson.
Born 1850-01-29 in Döderhult, Emmekalv (H).

Carl August Andersson.
Born 1854-05-25 in Döderhult, Manketorp (H).

Hilda Sofia Andersdotter.
Born 1857-07-23 in Döderhult, Manketorp (H).

Emma Kristina Andersson.
Born 1862-06-14 in Döderhult, Manketorp (H).

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