Born 1904-12-24 in Alsen (Z). Skogsarbetare 1940 gift skogsarbetare Överocke 2 1950 omgift skogsarbetare Överocke 2:72
Erik Gustaf Tisell.
Born 1904-12-24 in Alsen (Z). Skogsarbetare

Relationships and children

Married 1926-04-19.

Tea Kristina Olsson.
Born 1897-10-10 in Mörsil, Över Ocke (Z). Died 1945-02-15 in Mörsil, Överocke (Z).

Erik Olof Arne Tisell.
Born 1926-07-21 in Östersund (Z).

Sven Bertil Tisell.
Born 1928-10-01 in Östersund (Z). Died 2007-06-27 in Nyköpings Sankt Nicolai (D).

Karin Irene Tisell.
Born 1937-09-08 in Östersund (Z). Died 2008-04-19 in Trollhättan (.


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