Born 1827-01-20 in Nordmark (S).
Carolina Eriksdotter.
Born 1827-01-20 in Nordmark (S).

Relationships and children


Jöns Jönsson.
Born 1817-07-14 in Råda (S).

Erik Jönsson.
Born 1844-10-18 in Nordmark (S).

Anna Maria Jönsdotter.
Born 1845-10-12 in Nordmark (S).

Gustaf Jönsson.
Born 1851-11-01 in Nordmark (S).

Emma Christina Jönsdotter.
Born 1853-09-30 in Nordmark (S).

Carl Jönsson.
Born 1855-10-21 in Nordmark (S).

Carolina Jönsdotter.
Born 1857-11-21 in Nordmark (S).

Ludvig Jönsson.
Born 1859-05-29 in Råda (S).

August Jönsson Nordqvist.
Born 1863-03-09 in Nordmark, Stjelpshyttan (S). Died 1930-10-26.

Johan Jönsson.
Born 1865-07-14 in Nordmark, Stjelpshyttan (S).

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