Born 1921-12-24 in Skön (Y).
Inger Maria Andersson.
Born 1921-12-24 in Skön (Y).
F Oskar Fredrik Nilian Andersson.
Born 1891-11-03 in Skön (Y).
M Emmy Walborg Nordström.
Born 1897-01-24 in Sundsvall (Y).
MF Emil Norström.
Born 1871-06-17. Died 1954-02-23 in Berg, Vattviken (Z).
MFF Anders Gustaf Norström.
Born 1837-03-09 in Falu Kristine (W). Died 1926-06-16 in Alsen, Trångsviken (Z).
MFFF Eric Norström.
Born 1801-11-12 in Stora Kopparberg, Rog (W).
MFFM Anna Lindberg.
Born 1801-08-26 in Stora Kopparberg (W). Died 1939-06-06 in Stora Kopparberg, Rog (W).
MFM Tysk Kristin Jonsdotter.
Born 1842-05-02 in Rättvik (. Died 1876-06-08 in Skön (Y).
MM Karolina Elisabet Malmberg.
Born 1864-02-02 in Stockholm (AB). Died 1904-02-14 in Sundsvall (Y).

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