Born 1878-09-03 in Torp (Y).
Margreta Helena Jonsson.
Born 1878-09-03 in Torp (Y).

Relationships and children

Married 1903-05-08.

Johan Gustaf Nordström.
Born 1868-02-29 in Bollnäs (X).

Johny Edit Carolina Nordström.
Born 1899-04-15 in Torp (Y). Died 1987-04-04 in Farsta (AB).

Johan Anton Emilian Nordström.
Born 1902-07-23 in Torp, Kälen (Y). Died 1986-12-01 in Västerås Lundby (U).

Elis Alvar William Nordström.
Born 1905-04-13 in Alnö (Y). Died 1911-09-19 in Alnö (Y).

Jean Axel Nordström.
Born 1906-05-24 in Alnö (Y). Died 1972-02-05 in Alnö, Fröst (Y).

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