Born 1885-08-28 in Graninge (Z).
Hilma Kristina Lundahl.
Born 1885-08-28 in Graninge (Z).
F Per Olof Lundahl.
Died 1905-01-14.
M Tilda Gåhlin.
Born 1863-03-05 in Graninge (Z).

Relationships and children


Karl Alfred Lundahl.
Born 1912-06-05 in Graninge (Y). Died 1995-02-04 in Holm (Y).

Anna Eleonora Lundahl.
Born 1915-01-09 in Graninge (Y).


Karl Gustaf Andersson.
Born 1884-06-05 in Timrå (AC).

Gunnar Marino Andersson.
Born 1926-09-05 in Sollefteå (Y).

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