Born 1609. Died 1689.
Ingel Abrahamsson.
Born 1609. Died 1689.
F Abraham Persson.
Born 1580. Died 1610.
FF Per Henriksson.
Born 1550.
M Brita Andersdotter.
Born 1580 in Fjällsjö, Backe (Z). Died 1609 in Fjällsjö, Backe (Z).

Relationships and children


Karin Persdotter.
Born 1615 in Fjällsjö, Bölen (Z). Died 1697 in Fjällsjö, Backe (Z).

Karin Ingelsdotter.
Born 1638 in Fjällsjö, Backe 1 (Z). Died 1720.

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