Died 1933-09-15. Born 1862-07-19 in Horn (E).
Kristina Augusta Svensdotter.
Born 1862-07-19 in Horn (E). Died 1933-09-15.

Relationships and children


Karolina Augusta Andersson.
Born 1885-07-09 in Horn, Folla, Axhult (E). Died 1954-01-04 in Tidersrum, Kvarnstugan, Krutebo (E).

Married 1895-11-01.

Axel Ferdinand Andersson.
Born 1874-07-29 in Horn (E). Died 1944-12-15 in V Eneby, Nystugan, St. Rothult.

Karl Axel Edvin Andersson.
Born 1896-11-21 in Horn (E).

David Einar Andersson.
Born 1900-10-03 in Hycklinge (E).

Dagny Kristina Andersson.
Born 1903-09-11 in Hom (E). Died 2000-02-13 in Kisa (E).

Ellen Dagmar Augusta Andersson.
Born 1908-09-26 in Horn (E).

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