Born 1862-07-20 in Ulrika (E).
Anna Charlotta Leander.
Born 1862-07-20 in Ulrika (E).

Relationships and children

Married 1888.

Carl Oscar Andersson.
Born 1864-04-14 in Horn (E).

Carl Axel Ivar Andersson.
Born 1888-06-20 in Gammalkil (E). Died 1934-06-01 in Göteborgs Karl Johan (O). 1934 ogift

Beda Charlotta Andersson.
Born 1890-05-27 in S:t Lars (E).

Edit Maria Andersson.
Born 1892-03-02 in Linköping DK (E).

Anna Elisabet Andersson.
Born 1896-01-08 in Linköping DK (E).

Märta Presca Andersson.
Born 1898-09-29 in Linköping DK (E). Died 1899-10-17.

Ebba Viktoria Andersson.
Born 1900-11-13 in Linköping DK (E).

Judit Gunborg Mariana Andersson.
Born 1904-03-03 in Linköping DK (E).

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