Born 1859-01-11 in Oppeby (E).
Hulda Sofia Gustafsdotter.
Born 1859-01-11 in Oppeby (E).

Relationships and children

Married 1883-11-23.

Anders Johan Andersson.
Born 1857-08-18 in Horn (E).

Axel Albin Andersson.
Born 1886-01-21 in Oppeby (E). Died 1959-06-06.

Johan Kristian Andersson.
Born 1888-07-09 in Oppeby (E).

Anna Elisabet Andersdotter.
Born 1890-09-25 in Oppeby (E).

Ivar Bernhard Andersson.
Born 1894-05-29 in Tjärstad (E).

Ture Konstantin Andersson.
Born 1898-04-13 in Tjärstad (E).

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