Born 1893-09-26 in Lockne (Z).
1964 änka 9/2 1950 g Olsson
Died 1964-05-15 in Säffle (S).
Anna Maria Örtkvist.
Born 1893-09-26 in Lockne (Z). Died 1964-05-15 in Säffle (S).
F Martin Andersson.
Born 1853-05-17 in Gräsmark, Granbäck, Örsjötorp (S) (S). Died 1930-05-02 in Gräsmark, Timbonäs (S). Arbetare
FF Anders "Ante" Jansson.
Born 1799 in Gräsmark, Timbonäs, Lusketorp (S). Died 1892 in Gräsmark, Granbäck (S).
FM Maria Håkansdotter.
Born 1811 in Gräsmark, Granbäck (S). Died 1900 in Gräsmark, Granbäck, Örsjötorp (S).
M Brita Margareta Svensson.
Born 1870 in Bergsjö (X).

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