Born 1915-11-15 in Västervik (H).
Maja Valborg Andersson.
Born 1915-11-15 in Västervik (H).
F Albert Edvard Andersson.
Born 1879-10-21 in Hässleby (F). Died 1946-08-05. Träarbetare, snickare
M Agnes Teresia Sofia Jansson.
Born 1890-12-03 in Loftahammar (H). Tjänarinna
MF Oskar Leonard Jansson.
Born 1866-10-14 in Västervik (H). Died 1910-04-08 in Västervik, Nybygget 1 (H). Sjöman
MFF Nils Gustaf Jansson.
Born 1827 in Gamleby (H). Arbetskarl
MFM Anna Sofia Ådahl.
Born 1824-02-15 in Gladhammar (H).
MM Anna Sofia Andersson.
Born 1865-02-05 in Västrum, Pepparängen (H).
MMF Anders Hilding.
Born 1824-11-16 in Loftahammar (H). Livgrenadjär nr 93
MMM Anna Maria Eriksdotter.
Born 1825-08-24 in Lofta (H).

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