Born 1883-05-12 in Dalby, N Persby (S).
Axel Persman.
Born 1883-05-12 in Dalby, N Persby (S).
F Abraham Abrahamsson Persman.
Born 1851-04-16 in Dalby (S). Died 1931-02-17 in Dalby, N Persby (S). Soldat No 12 N Persby
M Britta Olsdotter.
Born 1845-01-17 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). Died 1903-11-04 in Dalby, N Persby (S).
MF Olof Persson.
Born 1801 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). Died 1882-02-04 in Dalby, Likenäs (S).
MFF Per Olsson.
Born 1768 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). Died 1837-01-24 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). Torpare
MFM Sigrid Månsdotter.
Born 1769. Died before 1815.
MM Anna Pålsdotter.
Born 1805 in Dalby, Bograngen (S).

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