Born 1795 in Dalby, Likebäs (S).
Kerstin Persdotter.
Born 1795 in Dalby, Likebäs (S).

Relationships and children


Olof Bryngelsson.
Born 1793 in Dalby, Uggenäs (S).

Per Olsson.
Born 1831-12-27 in Dalby (S). Died 1854-07-08 in Dalby, Holmberga (S).

Kerstin Olsdotter.
Born 1832-08-12 in Dalby (S).

Jöns Olsson.
Born 1835-01-05 in Dalby (S).

Sigrid Olsson.
Born 1836-07-14 in Dalby (S).

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