Born 1893-03-09 in Dalby, Ransby (S).
Oskar Jansson.
Born 1893-03-09 in Dalby, Ransby (S).
F Jan Andersson.
Born 1853-09-07 in Dalby (S). Died 1919-06-24 in Dalby, Ransby (S).
FF Anders Olsson.
Born 1819 in Dalby (S). Died 1907-01-20 in Dalby, Ransby (S). Hemmansägare
FFF Olof Bengtsson.
Born 1795-12-11. Died 1854-07-19 in Dalby, Ransby (S). Bonde
FFM Marit Andersdotter.
Born 1798-04-15 in Dalby (S).
FM Maria Holmberg.
Born 1822 in Dalby (S).
M Marit Olsdotter.
Born 1854-12-18 in Dalby, Holmberga (S). Died 1910-12-24 in Dalby, Ransby (S).
MF Olof Olsson.
Born 1827-08-28 in Dalby (S). Torpare
MFF Olof Bryngelsson.
Born 1793 in Dalby, Uggenäs (S). Torpare
MFFF Bryngel Olsson.
MFFM Kerstin Olsdotter.
MFM Marit Persdotter.
Born 1795 in Dalby, Likenäs (S).
MFMF Per Olsson.
Born 1768 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). Died 1837-01-24 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). Torpare
MFMM Sigrid Månsdotter.
Born 1769. Died before 1815.
MM Sigrid Jönsdotter.
Born 1828-01-14 in Dalby, Likenäs (S).
MMF Jöns Olsson.
Born 1774 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). Torpare
MMM Karin Sonesdotter.
Born 1783 in Dalby, Vinga (S).

Relationships and children

Married 1915-03-05.

Ida Eskilsdotter.
Born 1895-04-07 in Dalby (S).

1914 hemmadotter Stommen, flyttar till Ransby

Inez Maria Jansson.
Born 1914-05-17 in Dalby, Stommen (S).

John Elis Jansson.
Born 1916-09-11 in Dalby, Ransby (S).

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