Born 1868-07-28 in Misterhult (H).
Died 1933-12-31 in Misterhult, Boda, Lilläng (H).

1910 gift Wästrahult i Misterhult
1933 gift 1894

Matilda Karlsdotter.
Born 1868-07-28 in Misterhult (H). Died 1933-12-31 in Misterhult, Boda, Lilläng (H).
F Karl Alfred Nilsson.
Born 1843-02-09 in Misterhult (H). Died 1933-05-23 in Misterhult, ålderdomshemmet (H). Torpare
M Johanna Sofia Persdotter.
Born 1842-05-07 in Döderhult (H). Died 1910-08-06.
MF Per Larsson.
Born 1817-03-28 in Mörlunda (H). Arbetskarl
MM Johanna Nilsdotter.
Born 1818-06-16 in Fliseryd, Idehult (H).
MMF Nils Persson Nyström.
Born 1773-07-08 in Fliseryd, Galjeberget (H). Died 1848-01-10 in Döderhult (H). Torpare Källan Idehult
MMFM Stine Nilsdotter.
MMM Stina Persdotter.
Born 1784-06-28 in Mörlunda, Puksjömåla (H). Died 1825-03-26 in Mörlunda, Gässlingsäng (H).
MMMF Per Persson.
Born 1749 in Döderhult (H). Brukare Puksjömåla
MMMM Annika Svensdotter.
Born 1749 in Döderhult (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1894-09-14.

Viktor Andersson.
Born 1870-07-07 in Misterhult (H).

1894 arbetare
1900 torpare Bjurvik, Ramsund
1902-1906 torapare Ramsund i Hjorted
1910 torpare Västrahult i Misterhult

Karl Julius Andersson.
Born 1894-12-25 in Misterhult, V Ramnebo, Fredriksberg (H).
Died 1969-09-20 in Misterhult, Ramshult, Boda (H).

1969 ogift, Boda 1:2

Elsa Maria Andersson.
Born 1896-10-04 in Misterhult (H).
Died 1924-05-22 in Hjorted, Yxnevik (H).

1922-1924 tjänarinna Yxnevik
1924 ogift

Anna Teresia Ingeborg Andersson.
Born 1899-12-30 in Misterhult (H).
Died 1971-09-15 in Misterhult, Figeholms Gård (H).

1971 gift 1920

Axel Bernhard Andersson.
Born 1905-05-15 in Hjorted, Ramsund (H).
Died 1978-12-26 in Oskarshamn (H).

1978 ogift

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