Born 1895-10-20 in Kisa (E). Died 1900-11-14.
Axel Edvin Andersson.
Born 1895-10-20 in Kisa (E). Died 1900-11-14.
F Anders Viktor Hög.
Born 1863-05-23 in Kisa (E). Died 1904-06-08 in Kisa, Geddefall (E). Brukare
M Hilma Charlotta Alexanderdotter.
Born 1871-12-06 in S Vi (H). Died 1951-11-06 in Horn, Skifvermåla (E).
MF Alexander Jacobsson.
Born 1828-06-20 in Kisa (E). Died 1915-10-29 in Horn, Skifvermåla (E). Torpare, brukare, hemmansägare
MFF Jacob Isaksson.
Born 1797-11-18 in Kisa (E). Torpare
MFFF Isak Samuelsson.
Born 1761-07-06 in Kisa, Stubbstugan (E). Brukare, bonde Ö, torpare Stubbstugan
MFFM Ingeborg Johansdotter.
Born 1767-05-20 in Kisa, Stubbetorp (E).
MFM Brita Stina Jonsdotter.
Born 1800-07-22 in Kisa, Yxfall (E).
MFMF Jonas Jonsson.
Born 1753-06-17 in Södra Vi (H). Sockenskräddare, Bonde
MFMM Karin Catrina Nilsdotter.
Born 1763-07-31 in Södra Vi, Gallåsa (H).
MM Maja Jakobsdotter.
Born 1835-02-14 in V Eneby (E). Died 1927-09-23 in Horn, Skifvermåla (E).

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