Stenarbetare, statdräng, arrendator Born 1869-11-05 in Horn (E).
1910 stenarbetare
1915 statdräng
1919 arrendator
Anders Johan Edvard Andersson.
Born 1869-11-05 in Horn (E). Stenarbetare, statdräng, arrendator

Relationships and children

Married 1910-03-11.

Ida Sofia Alexanderdotter.
Born 1880-12-06 in Kisa (E).

Elsa Margareta Andersson.
Born 1910-11-02 in Horn, Skifvermåla (E). Died 1925-08-17 in Horn, Väsby (E).

Karl Edvard Andersson.
Born 1912-12-30 in Horn, Skifvermåla (E). Died 1978-02-27 in Horn, Björkhaga Väsby (E).

Astrid Sofia Andersson.
Born 1915-02-09 in Hycklinge, Bro (E).

Johan Gunnar Andersson.
Born 1919-12-16 in Locknevi, Östankärr (H). Died 1973-04-19 in Horn, Björkhaga, Väsby (E).

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