Born 1923-08-25 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L).
1970 gift Örkened Lönsboda
Karl Ingvar Andersson.
Born 1923-08-25 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L).
F Herman Alfred Andersson.
Born 1883-03-13 in Fjälkestad (L). Died 1973-11-08 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd, Björnön (L). Torpare
M Johanna Nilsdotter.
Born 1889-04-17 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L). Died 1966-02-18 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L).
MF Nils Persson.
Born 1848-04-02 in Glimåkra (L). Torpare i Öfraryd
MFF Per Nilsson.
Born 1819-11-29 in Olastorp. Torpare Öfraryd
MFM Maja Johnsdotter.
Born 1823-02-13 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L). Died 1876-10-06 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L).
MM Karna Svensdotter.
Born 1850-02-24 in Glimåkra (L). Died 1913-03-26 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd, Björnön (L).
MMF Sven Trulsson.
Born 1815-06-26 in Glimåkra (L). Bonde
MMM Hanna Bengtsdotter.
Born 1819-06-03.

Relationships and children


Dvea Teresia Andersson.
Born 1924-05-26 in Örkened (L).

Astrid Agneta Andersson.
Born 1955-02-08 in Osby (L).

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