Färgare, fabrikör
Born 1738-10-22 in Ankarsrums brok (H).
Died 1788-08-17.
Johan Lomell.
Born 1738-10-22 in Ankarsrums brok (H). Died 1788-08-17. Färgare, fabrikör
F Johan Pierosson Lomell.
Born 1703-06-07 in V Ed, Eds bruk (H). Died 1767-08-29 in Ankarsrums bruk. Mästersmed
FF Piero Pierosson Lemon Lemoine.
Born 1677 in V Ed (H). Died 1743-10-10 in Hallingeberg, Bruket (H). Mästersmed
FFF Piero Elosson Lemon Lemoine.
Born 1664 in Risinge (E). Died 1710-03-11 in V Ed (H).
FFFF Elo Eloie Lemon Lemoine.
Born about 1615 in Belgien.
FFFM Johanna Dromeau.
Born 1620 in Belgien. Died 1680 in Österlövsta, Lövsta bruk (C).
FFM Elisabet Andersdotter.
Born 1650 in Risinge (E). Died 1737 in V Ed (H).
FM Johanna Nilsdotter Berg.
Born 1683 in V Ed (H). Died in Hallingeberg (H).
M Johanna Tolvesdotter.
Born 1711-09-04 in V Ed, Eds bruk (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1762-11-21.

Maria Nilsdotter Westlöf.
Born 1738-11-03 in Västervik (H).

Peter Wilhelm Lomell.
Born 1769-10-21 in Skänninge (E).
Died 1817-01-01 in Skänninge (E).

1795 gift färgare

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